Material Dock

Assembly Instructions

Step 1: Attach the cork bumper to the wood dock

Parts needed: Wood base, cork bumper, 2 long screws, screwdriver

Take a long screw and drop it into one of the holes. Use your finger to hold it in place as you flip the dock around.

Line up the screw to one of the brass inserts on the bottom of the cork piece.

*Note* Make sure the cork bumper is oriented correctly. It should slant towards the hole.

Screw the first screw in, not quite all the way, so the bumper can still shift.

Find the brass insert through the second hole, drop and screw in, and screw it not quite all the way.

Step 2: Install the cable clamp.

Parts needed: Wood base, plastic cable clamp, short screw, screwdriver, an official Apple Lightning cable, and your iPhone.

Drop the cable clamp in place, making sure the hook is facing the cable channel.

Thread the small screw into the brass insert, just barely tightening, enough to keep the clamp from falling out.

Thread the Lightning cable through the hole. You might have to jiggle it a little, but eventually it will go through.

Plug your device into the cable.

Make sure your device is sitting flush with the wood, then flip it over and tighten the screw all the way.

Loop the cable under the hook, and run it through the cable channel.

Step 3: Align and tighten the cork bumper to the correct depth.

Parts needed: Wood base, screwdriver, and your iPhone.

Plug your device into the (now tightened) Lightning plug. Then, slide the cork bumper so it is straight and pressed up against the back of your iPhone.

Hold the cork bumper in place with your fingers, and remove your device.

While keeping the cork bumper in place, flip the dock over and tighten the two screws.

Step 5: Remove the film over the micro-suction pads.

Parts needed: A piece of tape.

You can peel the film off with your fingernails, but tape makes it really easy. Stick the piece to one of the ends, lift up, and the film will come right off.

Position the dock wherever you would like it, and press down to suction it into position.

*Note* If the micro-suction pads ever lose their stickiness, you can “clean” them with a piece of tape to remove dust, or more thoroughly with soapy water.